Health Advances is a strategy consulting firm that focuses exclusively on the healthcare industry. We are scientists, clinicians, and business professionals who share a passion for supporting commercialization and driving adoption of innovations that improve healthcare. The firm employs over 170 full-time professionals in four main offices.

We help clients realize growth opportunities worldwide for healthcare technologies, products and services. Our consultants partner with senior executives and investors on their highest-stakes strategic decisions. We not only understand the complexities of each technology and disease state, but also appreciate the client’s context within the entire healthcare ecosystem. Our consultants understand regulatory constraints, referral patterns, and economic incentives that can impact the adoption of products and services. As a result of our deep knowledge of the complexities of the healthcare sector, we dig deeper, think broader, and reach further. This enables Health Advances to provide our clients with innovative perspectives and actionable insights that help them make more confident strategic business decisions that capitalize on their company’s growth potential.

Not only our senior management, but every staff member focuses exclusively on the healthcare industry. As a result, everyone is highly attuned to the vagaries of the industry and the intricacies of many data sources. Our teams hit the ground running and do not waste the precious time (and money) of client executives asking basic questions.

Our Mission

As a trusted strategic advisor to healthcare and life science executives, we catalyze our clients’ success with insight, innovation, and integrity. Through our collaborative work and culture, we attract and develop outstanding professionals.

Our Vision

To create enduring, positive impact on healthcare globally.

Our Values

Senior Leadership Involvement

Partners and Vice Presidents are dedicated to actively working with clients and project teams throughout each engagement. They are intimately involved in every project, contributing their industry expertise and decades of business-building experience.

Analytic Rigor

Robust analytics inform everything we do. We maintain an extensive Knowledge Management system of resources for our consulting teams to leverage. No one takes any data at face value. We pressure test and triangulate every analysis to ensure that our assumptions are sound and every recommendation is built upon a solid foundation of facts.

Strategic Perspective

We recognize and expect that our clients make critical decisions based on our recommendations. So we work as if we are an extension of their management teams, considering the implications of each recommendation. Our clients have no interest in ivory tower ideas so we only develop strategies and recommend actions that we would personally support if we were in the shoes of our clients.

High Integrity Collaborative Relationships

We focus on providing value to clients over the long run. We feel a fiduciary obligation to tell clients what we believe rather than what they might hope to hear. We are always prepared to invest extra effort sharing our research and hearing clients’ reactions to ensure that our clients are confident of the paths we ultimately recommend. Unlike the rest of the consulting industry, our Team Leaders are not measured on the profitability of projects, only clients’ satisfaction.