Clinical Development Strategy

When entering a new therapeutic area hinged on a well-reasoned clinical development strategy and market assessment, a large biotech company relied on Health Advances to show the way.

CML Drug Development

When an emerging biotechnology company with a promising tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) suitable for multiple patient populations needed a strategy to maximize clinical development dollars and generate positive returns, Health Advances was the firm of choice.

Commercialization Strategy

Health Advances helped a biotechnology client secure a successful deal with a large pharmaceutical company through our valuation and strategic positioning of their Phase II product.

Franchise Strategy

From defining a vision to completing a major acquisition, Health Advances assisted our client at every step in building a formidable CNS franchise.

Global Companion Diagnostic Strategy

Working with a new player with a target therapeutic in a particular solid tumor indication, we helped our client prioritize markets and developed a set of tactics to address adoption barriers that were unique to each country.

Global Insulin Strategy

Developing a global insulin strategy for a major pharmaceutical company.

Global Manufacturing Capacity Forecast

Determining worldwide manufacturing capacity requirements and the likely demand for outsourced manufacturing of therapeutic proteins.

NSCLC Treatment Pathway

Faced with the prospect of having to reset revenue expectations for its entire portfolio of lung cancer targeted agents, a large biotechnology company turned to Health Advances to identify the drivers and barriers to lung cancer treatment and strategies to overcome the low overall treatment rate.

Portfolio Prioritization

Facing multiple possible lead indications, we helped our client define a logical development path to minimize risk and optimize value.

Reimbursement and Pricing Strategy

Pricing considerations influence almost every decision. Prior to launching a novel oncology drug for the first of four indications, our client required a clear strategy to optimize the initial launch price.

Smart-to-Market Approach

Speed to market matters, but winning when you get there is what really counts.