Drug Discovery Strategy

We developed a comprehensive strategic roadmap for a large life sciences company seeking to solidify its drug discovery business.


  • The client had been a historical leader in high-throughput screening, an area that had seen some declines.
  • The client also had a strong portfolio of cell-based assays and imaging technologies.
  • The client needed a strategy that allowed it to leverage its existing strengths, but let it participate in newer, genomic-based discovery approaches.

Critical Questions to Address

  • What are the major trends in drug discovery today?
  • What unmet needs exist and how can we address them?
    How will we be positioned relative to competitors?
    What should the portfolio look like?

Health Advances Approach

  • Detailed segmentation of the drug discovery market, growth rates, and relevant tools
  • Completed in-depth interviews with client personnel, end-users and industry KOLs to understand current product usage, gaps in technology, and identify new opportunities
  • Overlaid opportunities with current capabilities to identify gaps
  • Developed recommendations and acquisition strategy to fill key gaps


  • Identified key opportunities for company to develop leading positions
  • Preliminary diligence to vet potential acquisitions
  • Developed 3-5 year acquisition strategy
  • Several transformational deals already completed