Whitepaper | 5/1/2023

Guidance to Industry: Classification of Digital Health Technologies

Brandon Wade and Jeff Abraham, Health Advances; Megan Coder, Digital Health Alliance

The digital transformation of healthcare is in full swing. With this rapid pace of innovation comes a complicated and overlapping array of digital technologies that is difficult for patients, clinicians, payers, and policymakers to differentiate, evaluate, and ultimately benefit from.

Over the past six months a team of industry stakeholders sponsored the @Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) the leading international trade organization on digital therapeutic thought leadership and education, and led by Health Advances senior leaders Brandon Wade and Jeffrey Abraham has developed has developed the definitive framework to define and classify the full spectrum of digital health technologies (DHTs). By offering robust categorizations and precise definitions, this guidance aims to foster a unified and consistent understanding of the digital landscape for all stakeholders interacting with and hoping to benefit from digital products.

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