Candidates are interviewed by members of our consulting staff—including senior management. All interviews employ case-oriented questions, based on past work of the firm.

How to succeed in a case-oriented interview.

  • Feel free to take notes
  • Understand the question before you speak
  • Listen carefully, particularly for hints the interviewer may offer
  • Be organized; find a structured approach and use it
  • Start with broader concepts and then narrow down to finer points
  • Make eye contact
  • Make sure you answer the question
  • Draw on your personal experience
  • Pause to ask questions for clarification
  • Be concise
  • Do not guess
  • Clarify any assumptions you are making and explain their logic
  • When sizing a market, think about the relative units and try to be quantitative
  • Think creatively; our cases are not black and white
  • Showcase your linear, logical thinking, answer questions in an organized manner, and avoid tangents

“Case-oriented questions are pulled directly from our work and are a good barometer of whether there is a good fit in interests.”

Health Advances Analyst

“The best way to do well on our case interviews is to show your analytical strength while expressing intellectual curiosity and evidence of a passion for the business of healthcare.”

Health Advances Consultant

“The interview process is well-organized and robust. Candidates are kept in the loop as to their status in the process and the next time they can expect to hear back. The ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about healthcare with an intellectual curiosity that allows them to quickly get up to speed on a therapeutic area or product.”

Health Advances Analyst