Our six-phase recruiting process enables us to learn a lot about your experience and goals while helping you to learn more about Health Advances. We’re dedicated to the efficient review of every candidate and a rapid turn-around on all decisions.

  • 1. Resume Submission
    • Electronic copy of resume
    • Cover letter articulating interest
    • Transcripts (where appropriate)
  • 2. Team Review
    • Engage dedicated reviewers for specific background
    • Explore opportunity for a mutual fit
    • Ensure a rapid response
  • 3. Phone Screen
    • Confirm interest and background
    • Explore analytics and problem solving
    • Discuss motivation
  • 4. Internal Interviews
    • One-on-one interviews with several staff members
    • Case-oriented
    • Assessing intellect, creativity, and cultural fit
  • 5. Reference Checks
    • 2-3 professional references
    • Most recent manager or supervisor required
  • 6. Health Advances Offer
    • Welcome to Health Advances

“At Health Advances, we look for smart, capable candidates from various facets of medical/health-related fields. Ideal candidates are able to communicate well and demonstrate collaborative working skills, while contributing positively to company culture.”

Dana Gaughan, Chief Talent Acquisition Officer

“The interview process is well-organized and robust. Candidates are kept in the loop as to their status in the process and the next time they can expect to hear back. The ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about healthcare with an intellectual curiosity that allows them to quickly get up to speed on a therapeutic area or product.”

Health Advances Analyst