Strategic planning is not a product but a process. It requires the ability to work closely with a management team, to provide a framework for exploring options, to challenge conventional thinking, and to build consensus around a pragmatic plan.

Too often in this industry, strategies are formulated from management assumptions developed around a conference room table in the absence of solid market facts. At what stage is a competitor’s drug? Are we sure that animal model is validated? Can we be certain physicians will be incentivized to use the product? How big is the market for this drug if it misses expectations and only demonstrates a 20% improvement over current therapy?

Armed with that fact base we can leverage our experience with hundreds of other healthcare companies to articulate a compelling vision for growth and a practical approach to maximizing shareholder value.
  • Corporate strategy
  • Business unit planning
  • Diversification
  • Forward integration
  • Backward integration
  • Start-up business plans

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