Career Development

Career Development Tailored to You

At Health Advances, professional development is core to our company values. Your professional development starts on your first day when you are immersed in a specially designed, practical training program. It continues through the rapid on-the-job learning opportunities provided by casework, informal and formal mentorship programs, skill-building internal projects in your area of expertise, routine exposure to senior staff, and clearly defined skill development plans to provide direction and support for your growth.

Rapid Learning on Casework

On client projects you will:

  • Own project workstreams
  • Frequently collaborate with and learn from your small team of consultants and senior leaders
  • Be supported by other skilled professionals in the firm
  • Participate in client meetings to see the impact of your work

Interns work directly on client project teams

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Award-Winning Training Program

The seven-week training program contains 60 training modules, a training project on a hot topic in the industry that you will develop with support of consulting staff, and case shadowing. ongoing training opportunities exist staff-wide or for individuals depending on your specific professional development goals. Consulting staff from all levels in the company are invested and personally involved in training.

We are rated #1 by Vault as the best consulting firm in formal training for 6 years in a row.


Our mentors help mold leaders.

Health Advances has a robust structure of formal and informal mentor roles that offer apprenticeship, growth plans, recognition, and support in staffs’ pursuit of their interests. Your mentors and our professional development team will collaborate with you to help you grow and achieve your goals. 

Expertise Development

Our well-developed internal committee structure provides additional opportunities for growth in your areas of interest.

Health Advances currently has 22 committees - ranging from key business development sectors (such as Cell and Gene Therapy, Digital Health, Precision Medicine) to important functional skills (including Forecasting and Business Analytics, Market Insights, Marketing, Knowledge Management, Recruiting, and Training.)

Committees provide professional development opportunities and help Health Advances build the capabilities and expertise we need to support our growth. By tracking and discussing relevant news, attending conferences, writing thought pieces, and synthesizing new resources, tools and techniques, committee members become go-to experts in their specialty.


Consulting Levels

We use the interview process to access the appropriate level for each candidate. For consulting candidates, this is the general criteria:

  • Analyst – undergraduate or master's degree with less than 2 years of relevant experience
  • Senior Analyst – PhDs, MDs, master's degrees with 2+ years of relevant experience who do not have prior consulting or team leadership experience
  • Consultant – candidates with a strong business foundation, industry knowledge, and project management experience
  • Management – 10+ years of industry and/or consulting experience, thought leadership, and managerial experience

Consulting Career Path