Our committees support career development.

Health Advances has a well-developed committee structure which supports our overall corporate objectives, as well as providing greater opportunities for corporate and individual growth.

Health Advances currently has 23 committees ranging from key business development sectors to important functional areas. Functional committees include Market Research, Marketing, Knowledge Management, Forecasting and Business Analytics, Recruiting, and Training.

Committees provide great professional development opportunities for staff and help Health Advances build the capabilities and expertise we need to support our growth. Committee members help build our knowledge base in our key research and analytic areas. By tracking relevant news topics, identifying and synthesizing new information resources, research tools and techniques, and continuing to create deeper knowledge and expertise, committee members become go-to experts in their functional specialty.

“I am able to work on projects that will help me further develop my leadership skills and be involved in business development activities in my focus areas.”

Health Advances Analyst