Our mentors help mold future leaders.

Health Advances has a robust structure of formal and informal mentor roles to help facilitate and support professional development. All of these roles help to address the ideas behind apprenticeship, loyalty, interest, and appreciation.

The idea of apprenticeship at Health Advances is one that helps to mold our future leaders by showing them “how it’s done.” The Management Team has a significant influence in leading by example to give consultants the practice and experience to build their own project leadership and management skills.

Below is a summary of the professional development function by role.

    • Oversees client management and expectations
    • Pressure tests strategic thinking
    • Provides guidance on process and deliverables
    • Apprenticeship leader
    • Offers regular check-ins with mentee
    • Assesses and directs performance
    • Helps to identify and provide solutions for skill plan
    • Provides assistance to personal PD goals
    • Mentoring leader
    • Leads committee focus and direction
    • Shares sector expertise
    • Fosters industry interest
    • Apprenticeship leader
    • Encourages impromptu conversations
    • Shares insights on personal and professional path
    • Recognizes opportunities for relationship
    • Functional resources
    • Mentoring leader

“While every employee gets an official mentor as well as a buddy, there is a huge culture of unofficial mentoring which really helps support career development opportunities.”

Health Advances Analyst

“Everyone has an attitude of mutual success which makes it easy to give and receive feedback and real-time coaching.

Health Advances Analyst