We build in time for fun.

The challenging and supportive work environment at Health Advances encourages lasting relationships inside and outside the office. The close community we cultivate through hard work (and play) is integral to our professional success and satisfaction.


Anniversary Party

Each summer we celebrate with an outdoor event on the occasion of the company’s anniversary. Last year we celebrated with a picnic at Elm Bank Gardens.

Annual Holiday Party

Each year we kick back and enjoy the Holiday season with a gathering where everyone can get to know his or her co-workers in a fun social setting.

Group Activities

We like to incorporate fun into our workday by sponsoring birthday breakfasts, holiday celebrations, snack deliveries, and informal gatherings. There are also activities like movie nights, bowling, as well as other sports. Here are some other events we’ve enjoyed recently:

Bean Bag Toss Event

Employees line up for food truck fare in the late summer to fuel up for a competitive bean bag toss competition! Teams of four played for the ultimate prize: bragging rights!

Party Anyone?

Here at Health Advances we are always ready for a party. World cup playoffs, let’s get together in the café and watch! Cold winter day, what about a gourmet coffee bar? Hanukkah? Let’s have a dreidel party. St. Patrick’s Day? What about some Irish bread and jam? Birthdays? How about Bagel Birthday Breakfast?

Trivia Night

Every fall we welcome our new employees with a Trivia Night competition. This year’s winning team, called “Gesundheit”, won by identifying the make of car that has had an iconic figurine called the “Spirit of Ecstasy” on the hood of its cars? Do you know the answer?