Training Modules

  • Over 35 training modules within first three weeks

Training Project

  • Utilize methods and utilize tools introduced during training modules
  • Research a hot topic in the industry that is needed for upcoming project work
  • Present project to entire office
  • Become an internal expert in an area
  • Provide valuable resource for management while writing proposals and case teams when starting a case

Case Shadowing

  • Within the first few weeks, new hires are staffed to shadow a project and are immediately involved in research, physician interviews, and team and client meetings
  • New hires are able to quickly take on responsibilities and contribute to the team based on modules and training project experience

“You will not find a more rigorous approach to training at any other consulting firm, healthcare-focused or otherwise. I say that as someone who spent several years at another consulting firm and who has benchmarked with people at many other consulting firms. The training at Health Advances is second to none.”

Health Advances Analyst