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What We Do

The foundational platforms that support the effective delivery of healthcare with ambitions for the Triple Aim have some of the largest impacts on healthcare than any other category of solutions. Especially in recent years,  technological advances and favorable legislation has led to an explosion of data and insights that is enabling hospitals, health systems, and other medical facilities to streamline their operations, costs, all while improving care. 

Health Advances has done work in the HIT space for over 10 years with experience advising companies on:

  • Commercial and go-to-market strategy in the US and abroad 
  • Product expansion and Growth strategy
  • Customer segmentation and targeting strategy  
  • Competitive landscaping
  • Diligence (both buy and sell-side)

Enterprise HIT technologies and platforms can be divided into clinical and operational buckets. 

Clinical Solutions 

  • EHRs – structured clinical documentation at the foundation of patient care
  • Imaging and Digital Pathology – a broad range of in vivo and in vitro applications including foundational systems of PACS/VNA/RIS as well as value added modules in advanced visualization, computer assisted diagnosis, and quality analytics.
  • Clinical Decision Support – often leveraging AI/ML, a range of rules-based, evidence-based, and predictive technologies that help clinicians make optimal decisions for individual patients.
  • Clinical communications – HIPAA-compliant communication devices and platforms that support workflows of physicians and patient care teams within medical facilities 
  • Telehealth platforms – audio and video platforms that enable communication between healthcare providers across facilities and between healthcare providers and patients  
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) – using algorithms and visualization technology to drive real-time, proactive, and retrospective support for clinical, operational, and financial decision making


Operational Solutions 

  • Interoperability / Data Aggregation / Health Information Management (HIM) – solutions that ingest and move data around the healthcare ecosystem, and turn unstructured data into structured elements
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) – data platforms and assistive technologies to maximize high quality revenue generation for healthcare providers
  • Population Health Management (PHM) – using aggregated data to build actionable cohorts of patients that can be engaged to drive efficient and high quality care
  • Security and Privacy – preventing data breaches and the appropriate use of patient, provider, and corporate data
  • Data, Identity, and Access Management –  set of data management and other solutions that clean, standardize, match, and allow access to disparate data ensuring data quality for further analysis and insight generation


Who We Serve

Health Advances works with enterprise HIT players of all sizes on commercialization and growth strategy efforts customer types ranging from health systems, to payers, to ancillary sites of care as well as biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics partners. 


Enterprise HIT Case Studies

For a multi-billion dollar public company with a large technology division focused on US health systems, Health Advances developed a broad and deep growth strategy focused on software for life sciences, payer, and employer partnerships. With a particularly deep dive on leveraging the clients’ second-to-few provider data assets for real world evidence and data analytics and clinical trial management. The project resulted in ongoing corporate developments and a complete public rebranding of the technology division.

An RCM startup company incubated in a major US health system engaged Health Advances to devise a near and long-term growth strategy for their autonomous medical coding platform. The team quantified total addressable market from claims analysis segmented by physician specialty and HCO type, identifying near term growth opportunities in physician specialties with significant coding unmet need and in customer segments with most significant demand for client's current offering. We also profiled the competitive positioning and growth opportunities for the clients' machine learning-based coding solution to provide key points of differentiation for them leverage when growing their core solution and expanding into new markets. Ultimately, the client used these findings to drive their marketing plan and product roadmap.

An enterprise health IT client engaged Health Advances to better understand their core and adjacent markets around health information management, in addition to developing a growth strategy that would ultimately support a capital event. The team conducted both qualitative and quantitative primary research with current and potential customers including HIM directors and health IT executives in US health systems, payers, and long-term care administrators. The team analyzed the company's internal data to showcase the product and service's value through the breadth and volume of data the software can seamlessly ingest. Leveraging this research, Health Advances identified strategic recommendations for ways our client can position themselves to drive growth as well as identified new customer segments to target.


Enterprise HIT Leadership

  • Biotech & Pharmaceuticals
  • Diagnostics, Precision Medicine, & Life Science Tools & Services
  • MedTech
  • Digital Health & Enterprise HIT
  • Investors
Greg Chittim

Greg Chittim

Partner and Managing Director, Head of Commercial and Growth

Digital Health & Enterprise HIT Investors

Contract Pharma Services, Digital Therapeutics, Employer Health, Enterprise HIT, Real-World Data & Analytics, Remote Patient Monitoring & Connected Devices, Tech-Enabled Services, Virtual Care

Brandon Wade

Brandon Wade

Vice President

Biotech & Pharmaceuticals MedTech Digital Health & Enterprise HIT Investors

Digital Therapeutics, Enterprise HIT, Implantables & Injectables, Real-World Data & Analytics, Remote Patient Monitoring & Connected Devices, Tech-Enabled Services