Health Advances is a Strategy Consulting Firm Focused on the Healthcare Industry

Health Advances has been successfully advising companies on how best to commercialize diagnostics for the past two decades. Our experienced multi-disciplinary team includes PhD researchers, clinical pathologists, and diagnostics industry leaders working to provide therapeutics, diagnostics, and life science companies with innovative strategies.

Alignment Across Stakeholders for Successful Commercialization

Deep understanding of stakeholder perspectives to create a successful commercialization strategy.

Both Pharma and Diagnostics Companies Involved in Companions Face Challenges
  • Securing partnerships and development alliances
  • Negotiating deal structures and terms
  • Navigating technology and platform selection
  • Forecasting test demand and long-term revenues
  • Optimizing drug revenues with a companion
  • Selecting laboratories
  • Determining logistics of sample transportation
  • Enabling worldwide access to testing
  • Navigating the regulatory landscape
  • Securing broad reimbursement

Examples of Our Work

Developed a comprehensive strategy for the worldwide commercialization of an oncology companion diagnostic

Created a manual to educate country managers within a pharma company on companion diagnostic launch strategy and tactics

Evaluated the expected impact of different companions on worldwide oncology drug revenues and aided in the selection of companion diagnostic developers

Identified anticipated pain points associated with a immuno-oncology CDx to help a pharma company refine its testing strategy

Navigated a complex technology selection process for a companion, resulting in recommendations for near- and long-term technology choices

Identified and prioritized potential partners for commercialization of a novel oncology diagnostic

Recommended tactics to address major barriers to companion diagnostic access and encourage widespread testing prior to novel drug launch

Developed tactics to address hurdles in adoption of liquid biopsy for resistance mutation testing in NSCLC

Health Advances Solutions and Expertise