Pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies are facing ever-greater pressure to maximize the potential of each asset in their portfolio. From broadening a product label to include a wider set of patients, to pursuing development in entirely new therapeutic areas, companies need a systematic and rigorous process to evaluate and prioritize multiple opportunities. Health Advances can bring together the technical, clinical and commercial expertise to efficiently develop lifecycle management plans.

  • Technical and scientific expertise to rapidly process large quantities of scientific literature and conduct peer-level conversations with leading researchers to assess which opportunities have the strongest evidence supporting their potential.
  • Clinical development expertise to understand which applications have feasible development pathways, and the ability to provide guidance around trial design and suggested advisory board members, as well as advisory board facilitation.
  • Commercial expertise and market knowledge to evaluate where real unmet needs exist and how new therapies can be integrated into treatment paradigms.
  • An understanding of how LCM indications can impact lead indications, ranging from pricing conflicts between different therapeutic areas to potential safety signals that might emerge in high-risk patient populations.

Many firms offer expertise in one or two of these relevant functional areas, but good lifecycle management analysis requires simultaneous consideration of all of them. Health Advances can provide not only a nuanced assessment of where real opportunities exist, but also a roadmap of how to get there. This integrated approach gives our clients the confidence they need to make evidence-based lifecycle management decisions that create long-term value.

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