Quantifying the market opportunity for a new product or service is central to many client decisions. Health Advances uses a variety of primary market research techniques in conjunction with efficient secondary research provides the fact-based foundation and strategic context for our clients.

Translating that fact base into a dynamic financial model to forecast revenues for new products distinguishes Health Advances from other firms. We combine a rigorous and insightful assessment of a product’s market potential by market segment with a deep understanding of pricing and reimbursement and penetration dynamics, to develop risk-adjusted NPV analyses (rNPV). In an industry where development risk is high, factoring in probabilities of success at each major juncture is a more accurate method of forecasting than applying a single, arbitrarily high discount rate regardless of the stage of development. Many studies ground projections in reality by benchmarking analogous products’ historic penetration rates. Scenario planning enables companies to fully and accurately anticipate risks associated with new product development and adopt their plans.

Health Advances incorporates market assessments and forecasts into the vast majority of its projects. Key elements of our research factoring into these market assessments and forecasts include elements such as:
  • Epidemiology and disease dynamics
  • Degree of unmet need
  • Market sizing and segmentation
  • Technology evaluation of new product relative to unmet needs
  • Referral patterns and impact on new product uptake
  • Competitive analysis and positioning
  • Pricing and reimbursement
  • Marketing, sales and distribution options and impact on adoption

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