Health Advances is a Strategy Consulting Firm Focused on the Healthcare Industry

Our Diagnostics and Life Science Tools team includes PhD researchers, clinical pathologists, and diagnostics industry leaders operating at the intersection of science, technology, and business strategy to help you realize your business’ potential.

Navigating a Complex and Diverse Sector

Knowing how specific life science tools and services will be positioned is key to maximize potential.

Common Challenges
  • Identifying and capturing growth drivers
  • Securing partnerships and development alliances
  • Achieving a comprehensive view of competition
  • Evaluating business development opportunities
  • Building evidence to foster transition to clinical
  • Customer targeting (e.g., research focus, academic/industry setting)
  • Distribution strategy and partner selection
  • Articulating differentiation and value drivers
  • Forecasting demand and revenues

Health Advances Solutions and Expertise

Examples of Our Work

  • Application roadmap for a novel nano platform
  • Market positioning for high throughput screening
  • Consumables strategy for a microarray company
  • Global strategy development for drug discovery and drug development technologies
  • Flow cytometry market strategy
  • Development of integrated offerings in mass spec
  • Integration planning for two life science companies

  • Market opportunity and strategic planning for biomarker discovery services
  • Transaction diligence for a clinical CRO
  • Opportunity assessment in preclinical oncology
  • Customer targeting for GLP animal studies
  • Market potential for ADME-T services to biopharma
  • Growth strategy for a tissue biobank
  • Market opportunity for sequencing service

  • Strategic development of an integrated cellular therapy production service
  • Approach to emerging biosimilars market
  • International market potential for centrifugation
  • Quantification of worldwide biologics capacity
  • Diligence on a novel single-use bioreactor platform
  • Market assessment for process analytic technology
  • US and EU market for cGMP antibody services

  • Hospital market strategy for digital pathology
  • Menu development and prioritization for clinical mass spectroscopy
  • Market potential for clinical next gen sequencing
  • Corporate strategy to service the stem cell market
  • Market assessment for rapid flu surveillance
  • Healthcare IT and clinical enterprise strategy
  • Strategic prioritization of clinical and research applications of a novel molecular technology

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