Medtech Platform Technology

Our project team assessed the opportunities and hurdles for a novel mechanical thrombus ablation device across multiple indications.


  • The use of mechanical thrombus ablation varies across indications.
  • The availability of alternative procedures and the differences in clinical outcomes results in different degrees of unmet needs and pricing opportunities in each application.
  • The client asked Health Advances to assist in prioritizing the development of the applications.

Critical Questions to Address

  • What are physicians’ views of mechanical ablation (including the current state of clinical literature supporting use) across indications relative to other methods for managing thrombus?
  • How do the unmet needs compare across indications and impact the potential pricing and adoption?
  • What is the market potential and hurdles to adoption for each potential indication?

Health Advances Approach

  • Segmented and sized the relevant market segments through primary and secondary research.
  • Conducted a thorough clinical literature review and an extensive interview program with community physicians and KOLs to assess each indication and clinical data required to catalyze adoption.
  • Reviewed the system economics for each indication to estimate potential value-based technology price points.


Prioritized the development of each indication based on market potential while considering the cost and time required to develop compelling clinical data to drive market adoption.