Business Strategy is at the core of who we are and a foundation for all of our practices from specific market analysis, competitive assessment, or portfolio optimization to full end-to-end strategy. We work to help clients enact winning strategies.

At Health Advances, Health IT and Digital Health is one of our fastest growing practice areas. We apply our deep expertise in commercial strategy for healthcare technology to a wide range of solutions. Our practitioners can help you with:
  • Expert focus on commercialization and portfolio planning for HIT and Digital Health solutions
  • Uniquely deep and broad understanding of the healthcare system and adoption dynamics for novel healthcare solutions
  • Keen awareness of cross-ecosystem interoperability needs and challenges
  • Experts at identifying unmet customer needs and defining solution requirements
  • Intensely data-driven; skilled at deriving insights from large, complex data sets
    Relationships with key stakeholders throughout healthcare

Health Advances can help HIT and Digital Health companies or organizations with mission critical initiatives develop and realize winning strategies.

View our HIT and Digital Health Business Strategy case examples.