Commercialization Strategy

Health Advances helped a biotechnology client secure a successful deal with a large pharmaceutical company through our valuation and strategic positioning of their Phase II product.


  • Our client had a novel immune-based therapy in development for type 1 diabetes and psoriasis.
  • To determine the best commercial path moving forward, the client needed to understand the market potential for both indications, assess key development and commercialization requirements, and evaluate various strategic partners and potential deal valuations.

Health Advances Approach

  • Conducted in-depth interviews with endocrinologists and dermatologists to determine product positioning and identify key drivers and barriers to adoption.
  • Analyzed clinical trials and scientific data on marketed and pipeline products to assess future competitive landscape.
  • Built patient-based and scenario-driven models to evaluate various development options.
  • Developed profit & loss statements and conducted Monte-Carlo analysis to derive risk-adjusted deal valuations.


  • Our client proceeded with a revised clinical development plan that accelerated efforts in type 1 diabetes and strengthened clinical endpoints to better position the product in the market.
  • Business development efforts focused on prioritized targets.
  • Our client was able to secure a marquis deal from a partner with presence in both markets.