Franchise Strategy

From defining a vision to completing a major acquisition, Health Advances assisted our client at every step in building a formidable CNS franchise.


  • A multi-national pharmaceutical company had recently identified CNS as a strategic focus area to drive growth.
  • With only a handful of marketed assets, the existing CNS division needed to articulate a strategy for building a strong, competitive CNS franchise, prioritize new indications, and implement an action plan to meet corporate goals.

Critical Questions to Address

  • What is the client’s long-term vision for the CNS franchise?
  • How should the company develop the franchise: through organic growth, licensing, or acquisitions?
    How have other companies built CNS franchises, and what can be learned from them?
    Which therapeutic areas will add the most value to the company?
  • Are there indications which should be avoided due to low unmet need, low pipeline quality, or high barriers to development?

Health Advances Approach

  • Profiled leading CNS franchises to reveal areas of investment and drivers of growth to serve as examples for the client’s CNS franchise vision.
  • Thoroughly reviewed clinical, scientific, and market literature to determine market sizes/potential and unmet needs, and to identify emerging theories into the mechanisms of fifteen CNS diseases.
  • Prioritized therapeutic areas with a high degree of untapped potential and capacity for near-term to mid-term growth.
  • Identified potential acquisition targets in the development pipeline and classified them based on stage, efficacy, and mechanism of action.
  • Interviewed thought leaders with both clinical and research expertise to test the potential value of drug candidates in each high-priority indication.


  • Worked with a client team to establish a vision and strategy for the CNS franchise and used it as a framework to guide business development into new indications.
  • Recommended a staged approach to building the franchise with milestones related to implementation, portfolio expansion, and market presence.
  • Assisted in due diligence for partnering with another company with multiple assets in a high-priority indication.