In times of great change, staying informed and ahead of the competition is critical to a company’s success and growth. Health Advances has worked extensively throughout the musculoskeletal sector and understands both the opportunities and the challenges facing the industry today. There are exciting innovations happening in areas like:

  • Extremities and spine
  • International markets
  • Solutions-oriented product offerings
  • Integration of technology into musculoskeletal care

In an era of implementation of episode-of-care bundled payments (CJR/BPCI), increasing regulatory requirements in novel products, cost pressures due to vendor consolidation at hospitals, a shrinking role for surgeon preference as hospital employment rates grow, and changes in practice setting (e.g. movement to ASC), it is no longer enough to just get a product or service in this sector; you need help ensuring it meets its full potential in the market.

Health Advances can help provide the insights and strategy your organization needs to take advantage of innovation and growth in the industry and give you an edge over your competitors. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you address the toughest questions you face as a player in this evolving sector.

We work on a broad range of project types within the musculoskeletal industry, from pre-market to post-launch deals and strategy.

Within the major market segments, our experience spans the full gamut of products and services from diagnosis through preventative care/non-surgical involved in the diagnosis and surgical treatments for bone, joint, dental and maxillofacial diseases, injuries and chronic conditions.

Not only do we help organizations develop products and services for the end market in the musculoskeletal sector, we work with a variety of clients and investors involved in B2B and B2C business opportunities.

Health Advances has extensive experience across all musculoskeletal clinical sub-segments; product and service types; and engaging with stakeholders across the ecosystem.