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Health Information Technology (HIT) and Digital Health are rapidly transforming healthcare systems in the US and around the world. The explosive growth of HIT—spurred by technology innovation, government initiatives, and growing pressure to improve quality, efficiency, and patient experiences—is upending practices, processes, and relationships across the ecosystem and is creating exciting opportunities for companies that understand these trends and have the right strategies in place.

Health Advances leverages its deep understanding of the healthcare system and health technology to help innovators, developers, service providers, and investors navigate and thrive in this evolving ecosystem.

We help clients optimize the value of the solutions they deliver to their customers. To achieve this we facilitate strategy development from answering specific market segment questions to end-to-end business planning.

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Our HIT team has a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, HIT solutions, and technology and market trends. We leverage this expertise to help clients with:

  • HIT and Digital Health Business Strategy Business Strategy: Encompassing your entire business or focusing on specific needs for market analysis, competitive assessment, portfolio optimization, and commercialization strategy
  • HIT Quality and Analytics: Initiatives that require a deep understanding of data and its potential to answer mission critical questions, quantify clinical or economic value, or derive insights that can improve care or business processes
  • Digital Health: Solutions that link stakeholders and products together in a more integrated, coordinated, and efficient healthcare system
  • HIT M&A Strategy and Due Diligence: To enable companies to enhance their product portfolios or capabilities by identifying, screening, and evaluating potentially valuable assets

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Core Competencies

HIT represents a broad area of industry initiatives and solutions that can significantly improve performance, outcomes and stakeholder satisfaction. Within this landscape Health Advances is specifically focused on helping clients realize their goals for:

This care management approach focuses on the quantifiable impact of the collective interventions for a diagnostic group, procedure, or at-risk population. Health Advances can help clients with the measurement of care impact to support contractual or incentive programs requiring report of outcomes at the point of care or for continuity of care models.

An organized method of caring for groups with common health traits at risk for poor outcomes if not actively managed. Management models focus on risk stratification, identification of best practices for risk groups, and optimizing care coordination over defined time periods. Health Advances works with organizations to design successful programs to meet the needs of these individuals.

All industry stakeholders are looking to mobile health monitoring devices for innovative approaches to managing wellness, medical, or public health programs. Health Advances is helping clients cut through the hype and develop strategies to optimize device use with consideration of the linkages that exist between mobile monitoring, communication, health/wellness content features, EHRs, and support services to round out mHealth offerings.

With the massive investment in the digital capture of health information over the past decade, care management approaches can now leverage health analytics to power decision support and outcomes analysis capabilities to optimize care planning and delivery. The scope of information that can be effectively managed across a network of care bolsters the value of insight that can be derived from Information-Based Health solutions. Health Advances helps clients align information with value drivers to support evidence-based medicine initiatives, leveraging the most appropriate data set available to inform clinical decision making.

The recognition that positive health outcomes are critically dependent on an individuals commitment to their care plan has driven a proactive approach (and systems that support it) to improve care by actively engaging people in their health and healthcare. Health Advances helps organizations design patient engagement solutions focusing on improving patient education, communications with care-givers, and active patient participation in care management decisions.

Healthcare organizations are feeling the increased pressure to demonstrate value for the services they provide or solutions they sell. Health Advances experts help clients analyze care or service line processes and assess their quantitative and/or qualitative impact.

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